CCTV services

4K Ultra HD

Sharp, precise, clear video can make all the difference in critical surveillance situations, enabling security staff to quickly identify suspicious individuals, objects, and movement.


More than three years of research and accumulation empowered Hikvision to be the first to release H.265+ on an analogue system—a revolution for analogue.

Ultra Low Light

Ultra-low illumination cameras from Hikvision vastly improve the efficiency of night monitoring. High-definition 1080p displays come to life.

Power Over Coax

With Hikvision’s Turbo HD 4.0 Solution, installers don’t

have to pull wire. Power-over- coax (POC) supplies

the technology to use coaxial cable to integrate video

and DC power.

Taysec CCTV Solution

The Turbo HD DVR bundles smart features such as face detection, defocus detection and video analytics. These analytics include traversing a virtual plane, intrusion detection and scene change detection.

Taysec Company Profile